Corey's Farm Festival Creator Kit


No Kid Hungry

Event Name
Corey’s Farm Fest

Event Date
March 3rd – 10th, 2024

No Kid Hungry raises money to end childhood hunger in the United States

Every $1 raised helps provide 10 meals for kids!



Corey’s Farm Festival  is No Kid Hungry’s celebration of the pivotal role agricultural communities play in feeding America. This event features streamers playing cozy games with farming mechanics, ranging from the serious to the quirky. Each donation unlocks items and animals on a community farm, brought to life by streamers and their communities.

Key Information

Stream any game with farming mechanics. Fundraising for No Kid Hungry throughout the event populates a digital community farm. Unlock crops, events, and cute animals to populate a farm land built by streamers and their communities.

Help Corey Build Her Farm

Each donation you make not only helps children, it helps Corey! Our loveable mascot inherited a farm and it’s in rough shape. On our way to meeting our fundraising goal, unlocking milestones unlocks upgrades for Corey’s farm, and that’s not even the best part: Creators and donors can see their names on crops, farm animals, and buildings!

As long as your campaign is attached to the Corey’s Farming Festival event on Tiltify, you’ll be part of the farm!

Tiltify Instructions

  • Visit our Tiltify Page HERE
  • Click the ‘Support Campaign’ button
  • Sign in on Tiltify or create a new account (Signing up with Twitch is the easiest!)
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to create your campaign
  • Add your new Tiltify link to your Twitch to start fundraising!


No Kid Hungry is a national campaign run by Share Our Strength, a nonprofit working to solve problems of hunger and poverty in the United States and around the world. After 25 years of successfully investing in local nonprofits and helping find the best approaches to eradicating poverty and hunger, Share Our Strength launched No Kid Hungry in 2010.

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